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Technology Autobiography

Technology has always been a fascinating topic to me. Ever since I got my dinky flip-phone in 5th grade I have been pushing the limits on my devices. First it started with my I-Phone. One day while reorganizing my apps I wanted to have an empty page to see my […]

1945 vs. Today

In 1945 an article was released that still applies to life today. This article is known as, “As We May Think,” by Dr. Vannevar Bush. In this article, there is a recurring theme of evolving knowledge. This means that knowledge not only is kept between generations, but it also grows. The […]

My Expectations

Going into my first year of College I don’t really know what to expect. I know the basics such as the increased difficulty, but I don’t know how I will change as a person. Although only time will tell how I’m going to change, at least I have one familiar […]